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Toronto Film Fest gets VR and NFC payments with Visa

Virtual Wardrobe Studio
DO YOU FEEL LUCKY? Toronto film lovers are enjoying a cinematic shopping experience

Visitors to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) are being given the opportunity to embark on a virtual shopping experience that enables them to enter a wardrobe studio to try on iconic costumes from famous movies, add items to a basket and pay using Visa Checkout.

The Virtual Wardrobe Studio forms part of a lineup of payment options showcased by Visa during the 10 day event, including a connected screen powered by Ingenico that allows mobile and wearable NFC experiences.

“When consumers step into the Virtual Wardrobe Studio, their image is projected on a large screen and a narration by Morgan Freeman prompts them to begin the virtual shopping experience,” Derek Colfer, head of innovation and digital technology at Visa Canada, told NFC World. “Using hand gestures to make selections, consumers can choose a movie genre and virtually try on a costume that fits the theme.

“The consumer can then try on costumes from different movie genres or add the items to the virtual cart. Once they choose to check out, consumers are guided through how to pay online with Visa Checkout.”

The connected screen technology is also letting attendees make NFC mobile and wearable payments using the NFC Ring Visa supplied to Olympic athletes at Rio in June 2016. Contributions of US$2 or $5 can be made to the charitable TIFF Pocket Fund by waving a Visa PayWave-enabled credit card or device at the Visa connected screen.

The NFC Ring became available to consumers worldwide in August.

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