Indian employees make NFC payments using everyday objects

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MEAL DEAL: Indian employees are using the Zeta Super Tag to pay for workplace food

Some 8,000 employees in India are making payments in workplace cafeterias by tapping their pens, ID cards or even key chains against contactless terminals using the Zeta Super Tag, an NFC tag that adheres to any object. The platform has been launched by Indian startup Zeta with various companies across the country.

“The Zeta Super Tag is an NFC-enabled tag that a user can stick on any object or device that they own and carry with ease,” says Zeta. “The Super Tag is synched to a Zeta user’s account. Through this account, employees can access tax benefits like meal vouchers, medical reimbursements, gift vouchers and fuel reimbursement allowance, among others.

“All the user has to do is tap their Super Tag on the NFC reader at a cash counter and the money is debited from their account and credited to the merchant instantaneously — it is smart enough to know what the money is being spent on. Pay for food at a restaurant and it debits money from the meal balance. Buy medicines and it debits money from the medical balance.”

“Even if the user loses the Super Tag, all they need to do is simply block it through the Zeta app,” the company adds. “Currently, employees from various companies are using their Zeta Super Tags to make payments at their office cafeterias and food courts. Zeta is in the process of expanding reach to a larger network of merchants.”

“We have already seen acceptance from some big corporates in India,” Zeta told NFC World. “Our current user base is already around 8,000 employees.”

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