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Three quarters of US retailers plan to accept Apple Pay before 2018

More than three quarters of US retailers (76%) plan to accept Apple Pay by the end of 2017, research released by the National Retail Federation and Forrester reveals. 72% expect to be equipped to accept NFC mobile payments by the end of the same year, with 68% planning to accept only one or “very few” types of digital wallets.

NRF logoThe State of Retail Payments 2016 study, based on the responses of CIOs and technology executives at 59 large and mid-sized retail companies, reveals that only 59% plan to accept PayPal by the end of 2017. 53% have no interest in Venmo, 43% have no interest in Alipay and 38% have no interest in Pay With Amazon.

When asked to name their top three payment challenges of the past year, 76% of retailers cited EMV as the top contender, 46% specified chargeback issues, while 37% pointed to implementation of security efforts such as encryption and tokenization. Only 17% of respondents cited taking a measured approach to new forms of payment as a top issue.

In response to these challenges, 86% of retailers have implemented or expect to implement EMV by the end of 2016. According to the study, many retailers are “working feverishly” to complete the EMV transition, but payment vendors have “not been able to keep pace” with certifying EMV equipment installed by retailers.

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  1. These will be the merchants that get my business. Like most consumers, I prefer Apple Pay for convenience. We get a game-changing improvement in security for free.

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