Apple promotes Apple Pay with iTunes gift cards

UK and US consumers are being encouraged to sign up and use Apple Pay with a £5 or $5 iTunes gift card at Apple retail stores across both countries. “When making a purchase in store, Apple employees will ask customers if they would like to pay via Apple Pay,” MacRumors reports. “If a customer declines and does not have Apple Pay set up, employees will guide customers through the setup process to make the purchase and will offer a bonus $5 or £5 iTunes gift card for using Apple Pay as their payment method.”

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  1. While brands, issuers, and merchants should encourage Apple Pay (and its competitors) for security, consumers favor it for its convenience. While initial setup is a hurdle, convenience will win in the end. In any case, the acceptance of this novel technology has been surprisingly fast.

    One cannot oppose incentives like this; they may even be efficient. However, they hardly seem necessary.

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