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Valassis enables personalised offers through TV and radio ads

Consumers can now automatically receive personalised offers on their mobile devices as they watch television or listen to the radio and save them to third party mobile wallets through a new solution launched by intelligent media provider Valassis.

ValassisValassis Audible Offers enables advertisers to leverage their existing broadcast media to trigger second-screen experiences on any mobile device without the need to invest in additional hardware,” Valassis says. “By embedding Valassis’ proprietary triggers into advertiser broadcast spots, a signal triggers advertisers’ exclusive offers to be automatically sent to mobile applications on consumers’ devices.

“This new platform enables advertisers to send targeted offers directly from their TV, radio and streaming ads to the consumer’s mobile wallet and these offers can be automatically inserted into Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

“The platform can target viewers based on their age, gender, location and media consumption behaviour, bringing the reach of traditional TV, radio and streaming media advertising from the household level to the individual level.”

Consumer options

“Advertisers can integrate the solution into their own mobile applications with Valassis’ easy-to-use and free to install SDK,” the company adds. “This new solution is completely opt-in for consumers, as the branded app will request access to their mobile devices’ microphones.

“Once consumers agree to the access, Valassis Audible Offers will manage and report on campaigns from its cloud-based administration portal, where real-time performance data is tracked and analyzed for future optimization as needed.”

Valassis has also partnered with TV advertising platform ACTV8me to enable advertisers to engage with consumers through ACTV8me’s Mobii mobile media wallet app which is capable of attributing the purchase of a product — either online or in store — to a particular commercial.

“As consumers interact with brands on a variety of media channels, advertisers continue to seek innovative approaches for higher advertising returns and adoption rates on their mobile applications,” says Victor Nichols, CEO of Valassis.

“At the same time, consumers now expect promotional messages to be more geared to their unique interests and demands. With Valassis Audible Offers, it’s now great to have a consumer on their device while an advertisement is airing as we can deliver a targeted mobile offer that directly aligns to the commercial.”

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