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Discover joins effort to speed up EMV checkout

Discover has unveiled Discover Quick Chip, a new option for merchants to streamline the checkout process when customers pay with cards. “Discover Quick Chip will reduce the time a chip card needs to remain in the point of sale terminal, making the checkout process more convenient for merchants and cardholders,” the card network says. American Express also unveiled a similar offering earlier this month. Visa originally unveiled a feature designed to streamline EMV transactions in April 2016, closely followed by MasterCard.

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  1. The brands and issuers have succeeded in bludgeoning merchants into adopting EMV only to see it rejected by consumers because it is so slow. It has been a boon to the adoption of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay by both merchants and consumers. Had EMV proved to be as convenient as magnetic stripe, these competitors to cards might have had more difficulty gaining traction.

    The rest of the world is moving to contactless EMV cards and this may save EMV there.

    Faster software should help here but it may, like EMV itself, simply be too little too late.

    Cardless, contactless, (credit card account) numberless.

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