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Apple Pay advertising increases contactless payments at self-service machines

MESSAGE RECEIVED: USAT has been studying the effect of advertising Apple Pay

Cashless vending machine technology provider USA Technologies (USAT) has seen an 89% increase in revenue through contactless purchases at self-service machines running on its ePort Interactive platform as a result of digital advertising highlighting Apple Pay availability at the point of sale.

The targeted digital advertising also resulted in a 26% increase in overall transactions, a 22% increase in total revenue and a 12% increase in the total average ticket value, the company reports.

“As part of the study initiated in March 2016, USAT rolled out digital advertising through its ePort Interactive platform and digital touch-screen cashless device focusing on Apple Pay on 35 select machines in specific urban locations with a high density of iPhone users,” USAT says. “USA Technologies began implementing NFC technology into its cashless payments solution approximately ten years ago.”

Positive response

“As of June 1 2016, USAT now provides consumers with the option to make payments using their mobile wallet including Apple Pay at more than 300,000 NFC-equipped machines nationwide, such as vending, single-serve coffee, laundry and parking pay machines,” the company adds.

USAT added support for Apple Pay into 200,000 acceptance points in January 2015 through “certification work” rather than new hardware, the company explained to NFC World.

“Whether an ad at point of sale serves as a simple reminder that a consumer can use Apple Pay to make a purchase or educates and informs them of how easy, secure and private the mobile payments service is, consumers are responding positively as they buy more and spend more, more often,” says Maeve McKenna Duska, senior vice president of marketing and sales at USAT.

“We believe the unattended markets we serve will continue to drive Apple Pay use and that consumer awareness campaigns at the point of sale are key to accelerating adoption even further.”

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