Arab Media Forum uses NFC wristbands for charitable donations

Arab Media Forum
GOOD WALK: Visitors to the Arab Media Forum donated to charity using NFC wristbands

Attendees at the Arab Media Forum in Dubai were given NFC wristbands that let them tap on NFC scan stations and donate AED 170 (US$46) towards research into life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

The Walk for Good initiative was organised by the Government of Dubai Media Office and consisted of three NFC scan stations. Attendees were given wristbands at registration which allowed them to follow the walk and make donations which were then represented by leaves growing on a picture of a tree that blossomed with every donation made.

“The walk traversed a ramp of 200m and three NFC scan stations created for donations,” technology provider Nearyou Leading Technologies Group explained to NFC World. “In our proposed solution, we provided the complete end-to-end NFC platform including NFC hardware and software.”

Customised bands

“We installed NFC readers at the registration desk where the customised NFC wristbands were encoded and handed over to the delegates,” the company added.

“As the delegates walked into the arena, they had to tap their wristbands on the three NFC scan stations with LED screens on top, situated at vantage points, while the NFC readers at the backend were skilfully hidden from public view.

“Upon tapping the NFC reader, the LED screen immediately animated a leaf blooming and a counter indicating the value of each tap. Each tap corresponded to a value of AED 170 and a leaf blooming on the tree. The ultimate objective was to show a tree with 6,000 leaves, literally blooming in front of the audience.

“For two days, visitors completed this 200m track and tapped on NFC scan points. There were 5,892 taps which allowed a donation of AED 1,001,640 (US$273,000) towards medical research.”

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