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Bank of America adds Android Pay withdrawals at ATMs

Bank of America (BofA) customers can now make cash withdrawals at ATMs in the US using their mobile phone and Google’s Android Pay mobile payment service, the bank has announced at this week’s Google I/O conference. The cardless ATM technology will be expanded to 5,000 machines by the end of 2016.

Bank of AmericaThe initial rollout to 2,400 ATMs across the country, including “the majority” of ATMs in the San Francisco Bay and Silicon Valley areas, is taking place this month. Cardless ATMs enable support for any NFC mobile wallet with a Bank of America debit card.

“Cardless ATMs allow customers to access most features of Bank of America’s ATMs,” the bank says. “Customers can identify cardless-enabled ATMs by the contactless symbol near the card reader. When ready to perform a transaction, the customer will select their Bank of America debit card in their digital wallet and hold their device over the ATM’s contactless card reader to activate the ATM.

“Then, they follow the normal process to enter their PIN, select their account and initiate a withdrawal, transfer or balance inquiry. The cardless ATMs support mobile wallets that are enabled with NFC and loaded with a Bank of America debit card.”

“Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to manage their daily lives and we’re committed to delivering solutions that give them convenient and secure options when it comes to managing their money,” says Michelle Moore, head of digital banking at Bank of America. “Now, in addition to using digital wallets for purchases, customers can use them to get cash at the ATM.”

Reports that BofA was working on enabling mobile withdrawals at its ATMs surfaced in December 2015 and the bank began working on adding NFC capability to its ATMs in February this year.

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  1. While it has been a disaster at point of sale, mag-stripe and PIN has served us well at the ATM for fifty years. The recent emergence of cheap skimmers has signaled end of life for this technology. While some banks are equipping ATMs for EMV, and while this will help, the future is “cardless.” Not only is it cheaper to implement, it provides both user choice and biometric identification and authentication.

    Kudos to BoA for its leadership.

  2. One expects cardless withdrawal to be added to the BoA iOS app and Google Wallet for iOS.

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