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Boon launches in the UK and adds Apple Pay support

Consumers across the UK can now make host card emulation (HCE) based mobile payments using German payments technology provider Wirecard’s Boon service. The service has also been integrated into Apple Pay for the first time, enabling those with iOS devices to use a virtual Boon card for payments at the point of sale.

Boon“From now on, Boon is a mobile payment solution either for Android on a HCE basis or for iOS with a secure element in the hardware,” Wirecard told NFC World. “In both cases, we are totally independent from any telecom operator and bank.

“The HCE function still remains for Android. On the other hand, Boon has been integrated into Apple Pay — that means, a virtual Boon credit card is added to the Apple Pay wallet. The new Boon solution is dependant on where Apple Pay is available and that is (in Europe) the UK, at the moment.”

Boon was launched in December 2015 in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Belgium before expanding to Spain and Ireland later in the same month.

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