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42% of UK mobile users don’t trust NFC mobile payments

More than four in ten mobile users in the UK (42%) feel that NFC mobile payments are not secure, research from Ofcom reveals. “Mobile users are more likely to say that this activity is not at all secure (24%) than say it is completely secure (10%) — around one in five are unsure,” the communications regulator says. The findings also show that 15% of the 1,841 respondents have used their phone to make a contactless payment.

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  1. Observation #1: This study is better at generating headlines than information useful to decision makers.

    Observation #2: While the ten percent that think NFC offers perfect security are clearly wrong (no such thing) an even larger number would probably say that Apple Pay is more secure than mag-stripe.

    Observation #3. The headline implies that 58% of UK already trust this novel technology (even though they do not yet understand it.). Of course, those who invented “if it bleeds it leads” are much more interested in “distrust.”

    We will go contactless, card-less, and (credit card) numberless. Having been so badly burned by mag-stripe, consumers are more likely to tolerate than trust. On the other hand, they will adopt NFC because it is fast and convenient. They will adopt mobile because it enables them to check on the payment system that they have learned to be suspicious of.

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