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Dutch gas stations enable mobile payments with MyOrder

FILLING UP: Tamoil gas stations are to support mobile ordering and payment for fuel

Motorists will be able to order and pay in advance for fuel at 220 Tamoil gas stations in the Netherlands from this summer using their smartphone and a new mobile refuelling feature enabled through MyOrder — the mobile ordering and payment service backed by Rabobank.

“MyOrder have a direct connection via the API of Tokheim — Tokheim is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fuel dispensers,” MyOrder explained to NFC World. “So, as soon as the payment is arranged in the MyOrder app, the pump is ready for use.

“Users can pay in the app with the MyOrder SmartWallet but also with additional payment methods like PayPal, credit card and the popular Dutch payment method iDeal. The customer pays at the moment he stands in front of the pump — when the payment is successful, the pump is ready for use and unlocks.”


The app will also provide the user with insight into their refuelling behaviour and spending habits, detailing where, when and how much they have refuelled.

“With mobile payments, we really get to know our customers,” says Peter Etman, CEO of Tamoil Netherlands. “We can personally reward our customers for their loyalty, for example, through discounts or mobile loyalty points.”

PayPal partnered with MyOrder in July 2014 to enable customers to order and pay for food and drinks ahead of arriving at a cafe. MyOrder announced in July 2015 that it is to add virtual cards based on host card emulation (HCE) to its app.

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