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Huawei teams up with China UnionPay to roll out NFC mobile payments

Huawei Pay
DEAL: Huawei is rolling out its NFC mobile payments service with China UnionPay

Handset maker Huawei has partnered with bank card association China UnionPay for the roll out of Huawei Pay, an NFC-based mobile payment service that makes use of tokenization technology and is expected to be available on a wide range of Huawei handsets.

The deal means that China UnionPay cardholders will be able to store their cards on their mobile device and pay with their Huawei handset at any contactless terminal, Sina reports.

“Every payment made with Huawei Pay requires a fingerprint scan to make the transaction more secure,” according to the Wall Street Journal. “Some of Huawei’s existing phones already come with NFC and fingerprint sensors.”

“If there are opportunities overseas, we may consider launching Huawei Pay worldwide,” a Huawei spokesman told the publication.

Huawei Pay was unveiled earlier this month, although limited details were disclosed about the service at the time. China UnionPay also partnered with Apple to launch Apple Pay in China in February 2016 and is working with Samsung to bring Samsung Pay to the market “early this year”.

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