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Cancer charity lets supporters use advertising screens to donate to daffodil campaign

Institut Curie
FLOWER POWER: Supporters can make contactless charity donations to Institut Curie

Supporters of cancer charity Institut Curie can make donations to its annual Une Jonquille pour Curie (A daffodil for Curie) campaign and purchase a daffodil or a pin by touching their contactless cards against specially adapted advertising screens at France’s Paris Saint-Lazare train station.

The advertising screens have been equipped to handle contactless payments by Ingenico, Think&Go, Médiatransports and the Cartes Bancaires CB Group. Donors will be able to make contactless donations of €3 or €4 throughout the campaign, which runs from March 15-20.

Supporters can also use the connected screens to purchase a daffodil or a pin. These can then be collected from a dedicated purchasing area where their payment card acts as their proof of purchase and is identified using an Ingenico mobile payment terminal.

Maximising donations

“We are thrilled to be supporting this operation for the Curie Institute again this year by providing our latest innovations in digital experiences and connected object payment solutions,” says Ingenico’s Michel Léger. “We are sure that this increased ease-of-use will attract generosity from people passing through Paris Saint-Lazare station, therefore maximising the number of donations made towards the Curie Institute”.

“Screen-commerce is radically changing marketing and impulse purchases,” adds Think&Go CEO Vincent Berge. “It is revolutionising business and e-commerce at street level. It is now possible to make purchases anywhere, at any time.”

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