Musician Beatie Wolfe promotes new single with NFC jacket

Beatie Wolfe
SLEEVE NOTES: Beatie Wolfe has created an NFC jacket to promote her new single

British singer songwriter Beatie Wolfe is promoting the release of her new single with an NFC jacket that lets fans listen to the song by tapping their NFC phone onto the fabric. It has been designed in collaboration with rockstar tailor Mr Fish and textiles label BeatWoven.

The Take Me Home jacket follows the release of the singer’s Montagu Square album which launched in the form of a deck of NFC cards that allows fans to tap their NFC device against individual cards to listen to the ten tracks that make up the album.

“Each track on Beatie Wolfe’s ‘Montagu Square’ comes with its own beautifully printed card featuring artwork, lyrics and an embedded NFC chip, allowing listeners to tap the cards from the album deck onto their phone to play the song and access its content,” says Moo, which provided the NFC cards used to create the album.

A video shows how the NFC album works:

The NFC cards used by Beatie Wolfe are from Moo’s Business Cards+ range. These combine NFC chips embedded in the cards with an online platform that allows the owner to upload the information of their choice and change or update it as and when required.

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  1. Great to see a good use of NFC and a creative one. Good use of technology. NFC is starting to take off after a slow star. Sadly media companies are dominating it’s use in outdoor ,and far from using it creatively, they are using it functionally. Brands need to engage with their creative agencies if they want to really want to see the true effectiveness of this simple technology. Chris Arnold, Creative Orchestra, The Garage, Comobi2.

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