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Google to reward Android Pay users for in-store purchases

Android Pay users across the US will soon be able to earn rewards such as Google Store credit, Google Play Music subscriptions and Chromecast devices when using the mobile payment service for in-store purchases. The promotion will run until the end of February.

Android Pay logo“The Tap 10: Android Pay Rewards is a short-term customer participation program operated by Google,” the company explains in the promotion’s terms and conditions. “Any rewards that will be available for a given individual participant to acquire over the course of the offer will be listed in the app at the start of the offer period.

“A Reward may be provided to a participant within the first ten taps made during the offer period. Individual participants will be notified of their rewards within the app and can redeem said rewards in the Google Play store or the Google Store. All rewards are delivered as a promotional code.”

“To participate, individuals must first have set up the app on their compatible Android device and then opened the app to view the offer’s welcome screen,” Google adds. “Thereafter, participants who tap to pay for a purchase at a contactless terminal at an Android Pay merchant may be eligible for a reward.”

Google donated US$1 to the charity for every Android Pay purchase made in the US on Black Friday last year. The HCE-based NFC mobile payments service was launched in the US in September 2015.

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