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Rotterdam metro tests contactless cards

Employees of Rotterdam’s RET public transportation network are trialling contactless cards for payment and entry on the metro. The service is expected to be made available on smartphones in the future but “it’s not something that’s going to be ready tomorrow,” RET’s Pedro Peters told NOS. “More and more people are banking on the mobile phone. Within a year, the debit card will be on your phone.”

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  1. EMV transactions, depending upon the card and the reader, may take as much as 6-10 seconds longer than with a magnetic stripe card and reader. if you are McDonalds, that is a lot of customer and employee time.

    Contactless EMV cards are actually faster than magnetic stripe cards. Thus their appeal to high volume, low transaction amount merchants like McDonalds.

    While McDonalds already has contactless readers, merchants who recently upgraded their point of sale devices may not be happy to learn that their devices are not contactless. However, Apple Pay has given a lot o momentum toward contactless readers. Many new devices can be field upgraded to NFC/contactless capability.

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