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SimplyTapp white paper spells out the ABCs of HCE


A white paper that explains how host card emulation (HCE) functions and examines its implications for the future of the payments industry is now available to download from the NFC World Knowledge Centre.

‘The ABCs of HCE’ has been produced by HCE specialist SimplyTapp and provides an in-depth introduction to the technology. It explains the key terms and concepts associated with HCE, examines its use in cloud-based payments and identifies real-world applications for HCE in the retail, transit, ticketing and hospitality sectors.

The 12-page paper goes on to address some of the most commonly held misconceptions about HCE and concludes by evaluating its potential to change the payments eco-system and encourage increasing adoption of mobile payments.

“The ultimate goal of HCE is to make mobile payments easy and accessible to everyone,” SimplyTapp says. “Mobile payment adoption has had a slow start — but the technology and standardization is now in place to allow rapid acceleration. HCE will play a key role in this transformation and is paving the way for increased simplicity and widespread adoption of mobile wallets by card issuers and consumers alike.”

Readers can download this white paper free of charge here.

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