Shenzhen Tong launches NFC transport and payment service in China

ZTE Nubia Z9 and Z9 Max owners across the Chinese city of Shenzhen can now use a service launched by transportation operator Shenzhen Tong to make NFC mobile payments for public transportation and for purchases in retail stores.

Shenzhen TongThe company is making use of Oberthur Technologies’ (OT) Pearl secure elements embedded in the ZTE NFC devices for the service.

“OT provides the Shenzhen Tong applet enabling the service, available from both Shenzhen Tong and Nubia mobile wallets, as well as the connection between the transport operator and the handset manufacturer through OT’s China Secure Hub,” OT says. “Nubia Z9 and Z9 Max owners are now able not only to securely access all public transportation services in Shenzhen, but also pay in retail stores.

“All they need to do is download the Shenzhen Tong Dianshang application or the Nubia application and Nubia OTA (over the air) service upgrade. Once the corresponding applet is remotely installed on Pearl by OT, users simply have to hold their smartphone near the contactless reader in the bus or the subway or near the contactless payment terminal in stores.”

“With the Shenzhen Tong smartphone NFC application, we expect to further enhance the experience of our customers in public transportation and in retail shops,” says Wang Dongjun, general manager at Shenzhen Tong.

“OT is supporting several Chinese public transport operators in major megalopolis like Shenzhen for the deployment of their services on flagship smartphones of various brands equipped with our eSE,” adds Marek Juda, managing director of OT’s connected device makers business.

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