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NFC gnomes store messages for lovers

NFC PAIRING: Gnoments’ plush toys come in sets of two and store romantic messages

Startup Gnoments has developed gnome soft toys that come equipped with NFC chips to allow consumers to add links to sound recordings, videos and photos that can be accessed with a tap of a loved one’s NFC device.

“Through the gnome’s embedded NFC chip, couples are able to program a variety of special messages using NFC-enabled smartphones that their loved one can scan and read,” the company says. “These messages can include text, maps and locations, links to sound recordings, videos and photos, links to websites and social media.

“Each Gnome has a special surprise gnome pouch on its back to hide a note or something special. If an NFC-enabled phone is not available, similar messages can be sent via email or text through Gnomifications on the mobile friendly website, where couples can also create custom Gnomitars.”

A video shows how Gnoments works:

“The gnomes are made of plush felt with a bean bag bottom, a positionable hat and magnets in each hand so they hold hands,” the company adds. “Each set comes with a boy and girl gnome and a 32-page illustrated story book to help get the creative ideas flowing.” The kits will retail for US$44.95.

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