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MasterCard to tokenize MasterPass

MasterCard is to integrate a fully tokenized checkout experience within its MasterPass service, leveraging its MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES). “This gives consumers the freedom to shop more securely online or in-app from any connected device,” the payment network says. “The Buy with MasterPass button is currently found within the website and apps of more than 250,000 merchants globally.”

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  1. The European experience with EMV suggests that, in the absence of initiatives like this one, we should expect an increase in “card not present” fraud. This fraud would exploit the fundamental vulnerability to re-play of credit card numbers. Hiding the number, a la PayPal, in online commerce helps. Using digital tokens in place of credit card numbers is even better.

    That said, if this new technology is not adopted by merchants and used by consumers, it cannot resist fraud. We need to promote the technology. We, the brands, issuers, and simply noisy commentators like yours truly.

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