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RapidNFC offers NFC jewellery tags for product authentication

RapidNFC jewellery tags
UNIQUE ID: High-value goods can be authenticated with RapidNFC’s NFC Jewellery Tags

PARTNER NEWS: NFC tag specialist RapidNFC has introduced an NFC Jewellery Tag designed for merchants to use on high-value products including watches, rings and necklaces. This will enable users to tap their NFC devices on the products to check their authenticity as well as get further information.

“The NFC Jewellery Tags are ideal for product information on high-value goods or in any situation where close level tagging is required,” RapidNFC’s Jack Sage told NFC World. “They contain a Mifare Ultralight chip and an extended antenna which loops around the tag’s loop, meaning that the tag will not function when the loop is broken.

“The tags have unique IDs. So for authenticity purposes, for example, you can link that unique ID of the chip to the product, and you know that not all of those tags are the same, so nobody will be able to go into the shop and replace the tags with their own because the software won’t recognise the unique ID of another tag.”

Adding to the shopping experience

“The main market for the tags would be in the retail space and that’s where we see the biggest use case, but they could be used in other settings,” Sage added. “For us, we really see it as a retail product — as an information source and authenticity check to help consumers, but also to help people who run their owns stores in providing that something extra and something that is a little bit different for their customers.

“It’s adding to the shopping experience. Some people really don’t want to be speaking to sales assistants and if they had the option to scan a tag to bring up all the information they need, then you can see how it will be very beneficial for them. It is also very simple to get up and running with the tags and to apply them to the products.”

The tags are supplied on small sheets or a roll, depending on the quantity ordered, and are also available in custom print options. They measure 15mm x 30mm with the strap loop measuring 60mm when extended.

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