Ask the Expert: HCE pioneer Doug Yeager — See it now on NFC World

NFC World’s ‘Ask the Expert: HCE pioneer Doug Yeager’ webinar is now available to view online. 314 people registered to attend the live event and participants gave the presentation an overall rating of 4.2 out of five.

SimplyTapp's Doug Yeager
HCE EXPERT: Doug Yeager

The 45-minute webcast was hosted by NFC World’s editor, Sarah Clark, and featured a short presentation by host card emulation (HCE) inventor and SimplyTapp CEO Doug Yeager, followed by an extensive question and answer session.

The webinar took place on 10 September 2015. During the session, Doug answered questions on:

  • The key technical differences between HCE and a secure element platform and the benefits of each;
  • How the launch of Samsung Pay with its magnetic stripe emulation technology (MST) will impact HCE;
  • Whether HCE needs EMV tokenisation standards or whether issuers and merchants can use HCE with their own tokenization services;
  • The HCE transaction revenue model and whether it is different to the Apple Pay model or a traditional card transaction;
  • The opportunities HCE brings to card issuers to cut costs, add value and differentiate themselves from their competitors;
  • The blocking points preventing HCE from wide deployment and when the technology is expected to become a mainstream solution;
  • Whether an issuer/handset operator has to go through a payment network’s trusted service provider (TSP) to deploy HCE or if the technology frees them from having to do that;
  • If financial institutions can use HCE to gain more control over their mobile payments service and the costs and timescales involved in the process of implementing HCE payments.

A full recording of the webinar, including all the presentation slides, is now available to view free of charge in the NFC World+ Knowledge Centre.

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