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HID Global white paper provides a guide to NFC use cases that go beyond payments

HID Global white paper

A 12-page white paper that provides an introduction to NFC technology, its three modes of operation, NFC tags and a variety of use cases beyond the mobile payments arena is now available to download from the NFC World Knowledge Centre.

‘The power of choice: From standard NFC to secure solutions’ has been produced by HID Global and is aimed at helping organisations evaluate the potential role that NFC can deliver in their market. It will be especially useful for newcomers to NFC and for readers looking to learn about the full array of opportunities to use NFC.

The paper describes the five tag types standardized by the NFC Forum as well as HID Global’s own Trusted Tag technology. It also provides an in-depth look at five NFC projects that are in use by HID Global customers around the world today.

“Besides the most common payment case, there is a myriad of other potential uses for NFC — some of them still to be discovered,” HID Global says. “The proven HID Global HF tag portfolio, from standard NFC labels to rugged special application tags, stands ready to support these new applications.”

Readers can download this white paper free of charge here.

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