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Wienerschnitzel launches mobile payment and loyalty app

US fast food restaurant chain Wienerschnitzel has launched a loyalty based mobile app that also comes equipped with mobile payment capability to reward customers for purchases made at checkout using a point system.

Wienerschnitzel“Users must download the app and register to be assigned an account number,” the company told NFC World.

“They can then load money to their account using an active credit card. At the register, when paying with the app, the account number is entered/linked to the transaction and then processed as a gift card at the store level.

“All transactions using the loyalty app accumulate rewards points. To earn points, guests simply check-in on the app at any Wienerschnitzel location and show the cashier their three-digit code associated with that transaction. Once a user earns 40 points, they may redeem for free food.”

The app also lets users search for the closest Wienerschnitzel location, track their Wiener Rewards and manage their account balance.

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