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MCX adds offers and discounts to CurrentC mobile wallet

US retailer-led consortium MCX has announced a partnership with promotions management and processing provider Inmar to bring digital promotions from US brands to its yet-to-launch mobile wallet platform CurrentC. The deal will enable users to automatically redeem offers and discounts at checkout on their mobile devices.

CurrentC“Inmar will leverage its extensive manufacturer relationships, digital coupon technologies and promotional expertise to provide MCX with content, offer management services and processing and settlement solutions,” MCX says.

“This partnership will enable CurrentC users to effortlessly access savings from many of the country’s largest and most popular brands.

“While promotions are already part of the mobile pay user experience, access to individual brand offers that are redeemable through a mobile payment app at multiple retailers will distinguish CurrentC from other platforms currently in the marketplace.”

MCX unveiled the CurrentC brand in September 2014, but the company will not rush its launch until the product is ready, CEO Brian Mooney said last week, as the consortium looks to begin a public pilot in Columbus, Ohio in a few weeks.

“A number of top consumer packaged goods companies have already engaged with Inmar to provide MCX with offers spanning a variety of product categories,” MCX adds.

“The number and collective value of offers will continue to grow as CurrentC prepares to broaden its beta rollout.”

“Continuously increasing the volume of savings and other offers will further establish CurrentC as a unique source for savings opportunities and drive accelerated consumer adoption,” says Mooney.

“Inmar’s technology allows us to provide users with product-specific offers, which means CurrentC will be both an easier way to pay and an easier way to save.”

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