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Global payments company to launch biometric cards with fingerprint scanner

Idex biometric smart payment card
CHIP AND FINGER: Bendable fingerprint sensor ‘ideal for smart card integration’, says Idex

An undisclosed global payments company is to incorporate bendable fingerprint sensors into smart cards as part of a worldwide program to be rolled out in partnership with Norwegian biometrics provider Idex.

“Idex’s unique, patented off-chip technology enables a bendable fingerprint sensor that is ideal for smart card integration,” the company says. “Idex proprietary matching algorithms can operate in small, secure processors that meet international EMV payment security regulations and maintain the fingerprint image on the card.

“Idex is leveraging our existing touch-and-swipe sensor platform technology that is currently sampling for mobile market insertion.”

“The biometric card market is a large emerging opportunity where cost-efficient fingerprint sensors are ideal to provide increased security and user-friendly authentication for payment and identification purposes,” Idex adds.

“We are very pleased to have been selected for this global company’s biometric card initiative, enabled by our compelling low-cost, turnkey fingerprint sensor solutions,” says Dr Hemant Mardia, CEO of Idex.

“The program will commence development during 2015. This partnership is expected to enable Idex to secure a leading position in this emerging mass market for fingerprint sensor-based biometric cards.”

“We are providing a fingerprint scanner in smart cards enabling payment through this partnership,” Mardia told NFC World.

“This is an extension of fingerprint sensor technology that we are offering for smartphones but, due to the fact our sensor is flexible and thin, we can fit this into a standard card.

“We are unable to provide any information on the company involved due to confidentiality.”

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