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McGee Group adds NFC inspection tags to trucks

McGee Group NFC tags
INSPECTOR’S GADGET: Four NFC tags are mounted on lorries to let drivers log checks

Truck drivers from UK-based construction firm McGee Group can now log their daily vehicle inspections by tapping a tablet or smartphone against NFC tags mounted on their lorries, using a platform supplied by mobility solutions provider Mobilengine.

“Using an Android smartphone or tablet, McGee truck drivers inspect their vehicle using a new and bespoke vehicle inspection app using NFC technology,” Mobilengine says. “By carrying out a 360° vehicle walkaround and by scanning their device against their vehicle’s NFC tags, the technology automatically records the vehicle registration and location, while any vehicle defects can be noted down by the driver.

“Each vehicle is fitted with four NFC tags which are located on the front, near-side, off-side and inside the cab. An additional two tags are fitted to vehicles with trailers.

“If the driver reports a vehicle defect when carrying out an inspection, it will reach the workshop manager within a matter of seconds and the issue can be actioned accordingly. If there are no defects to report, the driver simply signs to say the vehicle has been checked and will save and submit the report.”

“The initial testing of the vehicle inspection app is now complete and we have now rolled out the app to all of our HGV fleet,” says John Kelly, group transport manager at McGee Group. “It is remarkable how NFC technology is helping to transform the way we carry out daily vehicle inspections.

“All our drivers will be able to capture their vehicle’s data by simply scanning their phone against a number of NFC tags which are fitted to the vehicle. With the introduction of this technology, drivers are prompted on everything they need to check, ensuring vehicle and road safety.”

The companies began their partnership last year to work on developing mobile solutions to assist with customising and automating “complicated, unstructured, paper-based processes” for site safety inspections and daily vehicle inspections.

“The goal is to be 100% paperless, everything on tablets,” adds Adam Dalnoki, CEO of Mobilengine.

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