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Less than a quarter of top US retailers accept Apple Pay

Fewer than a quarter of the National Retail Federation’s list of the top 100 US retailers are now accepting Apple Pay, with nearly two-thirds saying they will not be accepting it this year and only four saying they have plans to add support in the next 12 months, research conducted by Reuters has found. “Some merchants said they were holding out because they plan to participate in a new mobile payment system to be launched by a coalition of retailers later this year,” reports the news agency.

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  1. True. However, those merchants that do accept Apple Pay are processing a much higher percentage of transactions than that. Most of them will also accept Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

    A few of the big players like CVS are placing bets on MCX because it will be merchant owned and bypass the credit card system and fees. I have been unable to determine whether MCX will use cards, mobile, or both. I bet on mobile, if only because it can be customer provisioned. This is a huge advantage over cards.

    NFC or not, the advantages of mobile seem overwhelming.

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