Vodafone Turkey adds eye verification to mobile wallet app

Vodafone Cep Cuzdan

Vodafone Turkey is adding support for eye verification to its mobile wallet to enable users to unlock the app using biometric provider EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID technology.

The addition of biometric security to the Vodafone Cep Cüzdan mobile wallet is the first fruit of a multi-year licensing and marketing agreement between EyeVerify and solution provider Olcsan CAD which will see Olcsan offer biometric authentication solutions in Turkey and other markets.

“We’ve had conversations with many financial institutions about requirements around accuracy and security of the software on the device, and our science and product team is confident that our current product meets those requirements,” EyeVerify CEO Toby Rush told NFC World.

“Based on this, we expect customers to use Eyeprint ID for authorising payments as opposed to simply logging into the application. Several of our unannounced partners are doing exactly this.”

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