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AAC to mass produce wearable NFC stickers for healthcare

 InfoSkin flexible NFC tags are aimed at the healthcare industry
WEARABLE: AAC’s InfoSkin flexible NFC stickers are aimed at the healthcare industry

Contract manufacturer Automated Assembly Corporation (AAC) is in discussion “with multiple undisclosed companies” to mass produce InfoSkin, a new line of NFC tags that adhere to the human body, CEO Scott Lindblad has told NFC World.

The tags are aimed at the healthcare industry where they would be used to improve patient care by making it easier for staff to update treatment records and create automatic time stamps for patient activities.

InfoSkin uses patent-pending “wire write” technology developed by AAC that is designed to both create “a uniquely flexible, comfortable and green technology” and deliver “improved NFC read range when compared to same size etched inlays.”

“First, we wire write the antenna by laying a copper wire down in adhesive rather than using a flexible etched circuit,” Lindblad explained to NFC World. “The benefit of this is our process is significantly more green due to the elimination of wet process chemistry required to make etched flexible circuits.

“The wire write also eliminates the base film, giving designers the option to place NFC onto any surface; paper, cloth, plastic, for a few examples, since the film never sees chemistry. Patent pending wirewrite technology is intended to be implemented into other manufacturers products that need increased flexibility, increased comfort and improved read angles.”

“AAC is currently under non-disclosure agreement with multiple undisclosed companies to incorporate this technology,” Lindblad continued.

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