Turkish banks get HCE mobile payments option

Turkish payment system operator BKM has added a host card emulation (HCE) option to its platform, providing the countrys issuing banks with a way to offer HCE payments to their customers for the first time.

BKM Turkey“Users that want to benefit from HCE technology to make contactless payments with their mobile devices must apply to their banks and download the mobile application to their devices and then activate the application before using it,” the company explains. “Cardholders can now make contactless payments through HCE technology with their mobile devices at more than 90,000 contactless payment points throughout Turkey.”

“Cloud-based HCE is the most advanced and most recent method of NFC technology for payments,” says BKM CEO Soner Canko. “HCE payment applications run independently from the services of mobile operators and without any need for a SIM card replacement. This technology, which has started to be used in 2014 throughout the world, is now available in our country.

“Android-based smartphones which are compatible with NFC can now be used for contactless transactions with HCE. This common project of BKM with the banks will allow Turkish cardholders to benefit from contactless transactions with their own smart mobile devices.”

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