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TempTraq offers wearable Bluetooth thermometer

Blue Spark Technologies TempTraq
CARING: Data and alerts can be sent to a compatible mobile phone up to 40 feet away

Printed power solutions provider Blue Spark Technologies has unveiled TempTraq, a thermometer in the form of a patch that adheres to the skin to monitor body temperature for 24 hours and sends the results to a compatible mobile app via Bluetooth.

“All users have to do is press the ‘start’ button to activate the thermometer and connect it to the app via the unique code provided,” the company explains. “As long as the caregiver is within range of the thermometer, they can easily review data and receive alerts up to 40 feet away. They then apply the thin flexible patch thermometer to the underarm, similar to an adhesive bandage.”

The following video shows a demonstration of TempTraq in action:

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