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RedCritter launches classroom rewards with NFC

Redcritter NFC achievement band
GOLD STAR: Rewards can be given to students via their NFC-enabled Achievement Bands

Business productivity management specialist RedCritter has unveiled a platform for schools that recognises, rewards and socialises students’ learning achievements via NFC and QR codes.

RedCritter Teacher lets teachers distribute customisable achievement badges, certificates and even digital currency to students by clicking on profile pictures displayed inside the account, by tapping their NFC device to Achievement Bands and Bubbles worn by the students, or by scanning QR codes on desks.

The system can also build parental involvement by offering insight into a child’s learning through a real-time online profile and mobile notifications. A weekly achievement summary meanwhile shows the child’s accomplishments across all their classes.

Other features include a live-streaming wallboard that shows student successes as they happen and can be seen by the entire class.

Redcritter classroom management app
PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT: RedCritter system can offer insight into a child’s learning

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