Motorola secures Android and Apple devices with smart keyfob

Motorola Keylink

Motorola has unveiled Motorola Keylink, a US$24.99 smart keyfob that uses Bluetooth Low Energy to enable iOS and Android device owners to track down their smartphone or their keys if they misplace them.

“If your phone decides to play hide and seek with you, you can press a button on Keylink to make it ring up to 100 feet away,” the company explains. “Or if your keys get a similar idea, you can use the Motorola Connect app to make Keylink ring. The battery lasts upwards of a year and you can replace it with a coin cell battery.”

Owners of the second generation Moto X, Droid Turbo or any other Android 5 ‘Lollipop’ device can also use Keylink “to enable the added ability to keep your phone unlocked when your keys are nearby. This way you don’t have to enter your password to use it. Just enable trusted devices by going into settings and then security.”

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