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Paris restaurant equips waiters with wearables that alert them when orders are ready

Samsung gear wearable technology
SERVICE: Waiters are alerted when orders are ready via Samsung smartwatches

Waiters in a Paris restaurant have been equipped with mobile phones that let them take orders on the go — and smartwatches that let bartenders and kitchen staff alert them when an order is ready to be served, avoiding delays and improving service times.

Who’s waiters are using Samsung Gear smartwatches and Galaxy S5 mobile phones. Galaxy Tab 4 tablets have also been placed at various locations around the kitchen, while Galaxy Note Pro devices are used as cash registers. All the devices are synchronized with each other in real-time via an Apybox server supplied by Apycat.

“The smartphone allows them to take orders from restaurant customers and instantly launch the preparation of drinks and dishes,” the companies explain. “Kitchen and bar orders are displayed in real-time on the shelves and allow chefs and bartenders to alert servers.

“Servers are hands free and can learn by a glance whether a cocktail at the bar or a dish in the kitchen is ready to be served. Communication between teams is optimised and waiting time reduced. The manager of the restaurant can monitor in real-time the waiting and preparation and react quickly if necessary.”

A French-language video shows a demonstration of the service in action:

“This is a remarkable tool for communication between all key points in the restaurant, which saves time, ensuring the reliability and quality of service,” says Who’s owner, Jean-Bernard Memeboo. “It is also an ergonomic design and playful solution, which facilitates and simplifies the work of our teams. It allows us to stand out compared to other institutions and to maintain our position with our customers.”

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