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Swirl serves ads to shoppers inside stores

Proximity marketing specialist Swirl has unveiled an in-store programmatic ad exchange that enables retailers and brands to reach consumers with relevant content and offers on their smartphones while they shop at participating locations. The service supports Bluetooth beacons today and will be expanded to include NFC “and other mobile engagement technologies” in the future.


“Swirl Ad Exchange offers a full suite of proximity-based mobile marketing capabilities powered by iBeacon technology to help retailers and brands transform traditional in-store merchandising into interactive mobile experiences for opted-in shoppers based on their precise in-store location and preferences,” the company explains.

“Using SWx, retailers can establish their own highly secure, private ad exchanges, granting select brand advertisers permission to engage with shoppers through their beacon network. Participating brand advertisers are able to deliver targeted mobile content and offers directly to in-store shoppers in a low friction, fully automated way.

“With more than two-thirds of consumers already using their smartphones while they shop, these beacon-triggered mobile experiences allow retailers and brands to influence consumers at the moment purchasing decisions are being made.”

“Swirl Ad Exchange lets retailers generate additional benefit from their in-store beacon networks by allowing them to package and sell highly valuable premium in-aisle mobile advertising opportunities to their brand partners through a self-service platform,” the company adds.

“With SWx, retailers create and control access to in-store mobile marketing opportunities, while brand advertisers are able to programmatically discover, purchase and manage campaigns at beacons located in specific departments or aisles of retailers nationwide.”

SWx has already been fully integrated with the company’s existing proximity-based mobile marketing platforms, Swirl for Retailers and Swirl for Publishers.

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