Miami Airport provides airlines and retailers with open access to Bluetooth beacons

SHARING: Sita's Common-Use Beacon Registry allows multiple parties to use an airport's BLE beacons
SHARING: Common-Use Beacon Registry allows multiple parties to use an airport’s beacons

Miami International Airport has become the first in the world to use an open approach to deploying Bluetooth beacons across its footprint. The beacons — located at entrances, check-in, gates, baggage claim and valet parking zones — can be used by a wide range of airport service providers including airlines and retailers, rather than being tied to one particular provider.

The airport is using Sita’s Common-Use Beacon Registry to deliver the service to partners and passengers, allowing a wide range of providers to make shared use of the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons it has deployed.

“The passenger experience at Miami Airport is our number one concern and iBeacon technology allows us make it even better,” the airport’s Maurice Jenkins explains. “We have installed beacons throughout the airport and made them available to all our stakeholders. Now we invite airlines and our other partners to invent new ways to make the passenger experience at Miami even better.”

“By using the Sita Registry, it makes it simple for us to collaborate with our partners, both domestic and international, and let them take advantage of this new technology too,” Jenkins adds. “Airlines that fly to Miami are already working on their apps so passengers will start seeing the benefits very soon.”

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