NXP publishes guide to NFC and the Internet of Things

Chip maker NXP has published a 20-page guide to NFC and the Internet of Things (IoT) that is available for readers to download from the NFC World+ Knowledge Centre.

NFC for Embedded Applications

“NFC for Embedded Applications: Your Critical Link for the Internet of Things” explains how manufacturers of consumer goods, wearables, smart meters, thermostats and other devices can make use of embedded NFC tag ICs to remove the need for touch displays and Bluetooth/WiFi interfaces, enhance security, simplify product design, add self-service maintenance options, deploy firmware updates, register and manage warranties, and more.

The document also contains a basic explanation of how NFC works, what it can do and how it compares with other wireless communication technologies.

“Experts predict an explosion of connected ‘things’ to occur over the next few years,” NXP says. “As more things get connected, concerns over data privacy and security will escalate. Utilizing near field communication as a communication method can help address some of these concerns.”

The full guide is available to download free of charge here.

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