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Verizon aims to replace usernames and passwords with QR codes

VerizonVerizon Enterprise has introduced Universal ID, a service designed to replace usernames and passwords with a QR code that consumers can scan with their mobile phone to gain access to a website or app.

“Users will be able to enrol for a Verizon Universal ID directly from a participating web page,” the carrier explains. “After registering, users can download to their smartphone a mobile app that scans a dynamically generated QR code on the login page. Once the user’s identity is confirmed, he or she is authenticated to the website.”

A video shows how the service works in practice:

“Lost and stolen passwords remain the number one way that systems are compromised,” says Tracy Hulver, Verizon’s chief identity strategist. “We continue to see usernames and passwords fail as a secure way to log in, no matter how complex the password. With Verizon’s QR code login, we are making progress in protecting users without increasing the hassle, headache or expense for the user and the enterprise.”

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