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Orderella to install NFC tags and Bluetooth beacons in 79 UK pubs and bars


Orderella, the developer of an app that lets customers place drinks orders and make payments from their mobile phone, is to install NFC tags and Bluetooth beacons in all the 79 pubs and bars across the UK that use its service.

Consumers will be able to tap bar runners, flyers, coasters, table talkers and posters equipped with NFC tags to download the app, while Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons will be used to send out personalised offers and promotions as well as remind customers that they can use the app instead of having to queue up at the bar to place their order.

“It will be controlled and limited by us in order not to overload the consumer,” Dennis Collet, CEO of Orderella, explained to NFC World+. “We have 79 venues using Orderella but have a further 1,000-plus committed as part of larger chains. Both QR codes and NFC will be available in all venues; iBeacon will be made available to all venues after a trial in selected venues.”

To use Orderella, customers download the app and register before checking in to a particular venue. They can then browse the venue’s menu on the app, place an order and complete payment using either PayPal or a credit or debit card.

The Bluetooth beacon and NFC technology being used by Orderella is supplied by Tamoco.

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