Australian supermarket chain launches mobile wallet that works with NFC stickers


Australian supermarket chain Coles has launched the Coles Mobile Wallet, an iOS and Android app that works in conjunction with an NFC sticker to provide customers with a way to make mobile payments, manage their spending, collect loyalty points and access special offers.

The launch of the mobile wallet follows testing of the Pay Tag sticker, which began in October 2013. The stickers act as both a Coles MasterCard for payment and a Flybuys rewards card for collecting loyalty points.

Customers will be able to use their Coles Mobile Wallet to keep track of their Flybuys account, search for Flybuys offers and view their account balance as well as view the amount of credit they have available on their MasterCard and access their transaction history. They will also be able to use the app to turn their Coles Pay Tag on and off as required.

“We understand that Coles customers are doing even more from their mobile devices — whether that be surfing for recipes or managing their finances,” says Richard Wormald, Coles’ general manager of financial services.

“Our trials revealed that 77% of Coles MasterCard customers found the Coles Pay Tag more convenient than using their traditional credit cards. Now partnered with the new app, the Coles Mobile Wallet will provide functionality, a seamless user experience and instant rewards — unlike any other credit card in the market.”

“With one in two transactions below $100 now made with contactless technology, Australia continues to lead the way in payments globally,” adds Andrew Cartwright, senior vice president and country manager at MasterCard Australia.

“More than 320,000 contactless terminals are now available nationally, giving mobile wallet customers the opportunity to use the convenient payment method at a wide range of retailers.”

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  1. If Android KitKat added emulated secure NFC host control etc. can’t they use the phone’s NFC rather than having to use a sticker?~ is it a legal/ tech-capability/ security issue? or are they just trying to cater for the lowest common denominator? (ie non-KitKat phones?)

    Same as Opal card selling phone holders to put the card there,, it’s a waste – it could be done /with/ the phone ~ I could sticky-tape my credit card to my phone, but I’ll just wait for real phone wallet solutions ಠ_ಠ

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