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Russian Standard Bank adds embedded NFC payments

Russian Standard Bank has partnered with Samsung and MasterCard to offer NFC payments to consumers with a Galaxy S4 or Note 3 mobile phone. The service is the second embedded NFC payments service to be introduced by Samsung and MasterCard and follows the launch of a similar service by Commonwealth Bank of Australia in December 2013.

Russian Standard Bank

The service is available through Russian Standard Bank’s mobile banking app and enables customers to upload a prepaid MasterCard to an embedded secure element built into their mobile device and then use it to pay at merchants equipped to process MasterCard PayPass contactless payments. Over-the-air provisioning and management is handled by MasterCard’s Trevica subsidiary.

Any Galaxy S4 or Note 3 owner in Russia can use the service to make NFC payments as a Russian Standard Bank account is not required. Funds can be added to the prepaid card account via a cash deposit at one of the bank’s ATMs or Russian Standard Bank’s online RS Express service.

Users can also choose to make payments without opening the app or entering a PIN, MasterCard says, by selecting the “don’t enter the NFC code” option in the app.

“All over the world, MasterCard actively contributes to the advancement of innovation as well as the development of payment technologies and services associated with NFC technology,” says Dmitry Tartyshev, MasterCard’s head of mobile development in Russia.

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