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LevelUp offers restaurants real-time customer feedback

LevelUp has added in-app surveys to its mobile payments platform, enabling restaurant owners to collect feedback from customers and respond straight away to any complaints. The idea, LevelUp says, is to give merchants a way to identify and instantly resolve any problems before a diner has the chance to tell friends or post about a bad experience on social media.


“For most of our restaurant partners, customer satisfaction is priority number one,” says Michael Hagan, COO of LevelUp. “If a customer has a negative experience at a restaurant location, automated post-transaction surveys give customers an avenue to immediately communicate with the restaurant instead of turning to social media to complain.”

“We have often found that consumers primarily post negative reviews online when they feel unable to communicate their concerns directly to a business,” Hagan added. “With in-app surveys, we are able to provide a private, direct and immediate feedback loop between restaurants and their customers.”

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