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Mahana uses BLE to help hotels improve customer service

Hospitality technology startup Mahana has introduced a customer service platform that gives hotel and casino staff a way to improve customer service by accessing guest information on the go.


The platform plugs into a hotel’s existing iOS or Android app for guests and uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to provide hotel staff with information on nearby guests.

“Imagine being able to notify the staff when your best guests arrive,” Mahana says. “The guest’s photo, name, notes and preferences are displayed based on their proximity. Those details can be shared on the bellhop’s smartwatch, concierge’s tablet, and front desk computers before the guest even walks in the door.”

“Hotel properties can now provide a highly personal check-in by greeting the guest by name, and having their room key ready as soon as they walk up,” the company adds. “Hotels can generate greater customer loyalty and more satisfied hotel guests while increasing the lifetime value of customers.”

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