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Tap2Tag launches NFC medical alert devices


UK-based startup Tap2Tag has introduced a range of NFC wristbands, key fobs, cards and stickers that can be used to instantly retrieve a person’s medical history and associated information in an emergency.

Users upload the information they wish to make available via the company’s website. This can include their name, allergies, medical conditions, medications, doctor’s details, blood group and organ donor status.

Then, in an emergency, a paramedic or passerby with an NFC phone taps the Tap2Tag to retrieve the patient’s information from a secure cloud server. Each device is also printed with a code that can be manually entered on the Tap2Tag emergency website by those without an NFC phone.

Reading the tag can also trigger the system to send an email or text message to friends and family.

“You can set up multiple medical profiles on your account for your children or your parents and keep that information up to date,” Tap2Tag’s founder Chris Ford told NFC World+. “It is all encrypted so even we can’t see the information that people put on it.

“The response has been extremely good, especially from the ambulance service. All the reviews have been absolutely amazing, we haven’t had one negative response with what we are doing so far.

“People are blown away because it is new technology, they can see how quick it is, they want to be in control of their medication and how it is presented. The other things that people like about it is the fact that it is secure and the cost; £12 for a wristband or £8 for a card with no subscription. It is a one-off cost that makes it an affordable alternative to any other product that’s out there.”

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