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Bendigo Bank launches QR code mobile payments in Australia


Australia’s Bendigo Bank has partnered with Samsung to rollout Redy, a mobile payments service that lets shoppers make payments and receive rewards by scanning a QR code generated by a merchant’s tablet-based POS terminal.

The service is available to all consumers with a MasterCard or Visa card that they can link to their Redy mobile wallet to fund transactions. A Redy app is available for both iOS and Android and Bendigo Bank customers can also link Redy to a savings account.

Shoppers are rewarded with ‘creds’ each time they pay with Redy. Creds can then be spent at any Redy merchant or donated to charity.

Merchants who sign up for the service receive a free Redy tablet they use to process transactions by entering the amount of a purchase and selecting ‘OK’ to generate a QR code. The customer then scans this code with their mobile phone to get details of the transaction and confirm the purchase.

A video shows Redy in action:

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  1. Integration with QR codes is smart. A greater intersection between mobile advertising and mobile POS systems, like PayAnywhere in the U.S., would represent a golden opportunity for retailers of all sizes in any market. Glad to see things are moving in that direction globally as well.

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