Tesco-backed coffee chain Harris+Hoole introduces mobile payments

Tesco-backed coffee chain Harris+Hoole has updated its mobile app to enable customers to order and pay at any of its 36 outlets without having to touch, tap or scan at a counter.

HarrisandHoole app

Customers download the Harris+Hoole app and link a payment card that is then used to top up a prepaid H+H account. On arrival at a store, they check in using the app and a notification is sent to the point-of-sale terminal to alert staff of their arrival.

The notification includes the customer’s profile picture and name, enabling a barista to then greet the customer by name and, if the customer has pre-set their preferred coffee type, begin making their usual drink.

When the customer gets to the till, they confirm they will be paying using the app when the barista asks and everything else is done automatically.

A video shows how the service works:

“We have already had over 100,000 check-ins at our 36 shops since the app launched in August 2013, and we are really excited about this next stage,” says Danielle Anderson, director of digital experience at Harris+Hoole.

“The mobile payment removes the cold formality of an anonymous transaction and better reflects the kind of friendly exchange you would expect from your local coffee shop.”

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