Hanakai Studio seeks funding for Prodigy NFC game

The Prodigy NFC role playing game

French games developer Hanakai Studio has launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter for a role playing video game (RPG) that uses NFC-enabled rings, figurines, cards and an interactive board to allow players to interact with an on-screen world “without using any keyboard, mouse or joypad”.

“The figurines, cards and the symbol of power contain NFC tags that are instantly recognized by the board,” the team explains. “The technology allows us to store and modify data within the figurines themselves, creating unique objects that will evolve with time. Your characters are each unique depending on how you play them and the choices you make in the game.”

Hanakai is seeking US$100,000 by 2 May 2014 to put the game into production — and has raised more than $77,000 in just the first couple of days.

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