Samsung unveils NFC voice label for visually impaired smartphone users

Samsung's NFC voice label

Samsung has introduced a range of accessories for its Galaxy Core Advance NFC smartphone aimed at users “that require special assistance”. The range includes an ultrasonic cover, optical scan stand and an NFC-enabled voice label which “assists users in distinguishing objects by allowing them to make notes and tag voice labels easily on-the-go.

“With NFC technology enabling a seamless connection to their smartphones, users can record, stop and access their notes. This feature can also help a user distinguish how to use electronics by allowing them to record a short explanation.”

The optical scan stand positions the phone to focus on printed materials and uses an app to recognise text and read it aloud to the user, while the ultrasonic cover is an add-on that allows visually impaired users to detect obstacles and navigate unfamiliar places by providing feedback on their surroundings.

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